High On Android Deals! Free Moto E, $50 Play Store Credit, 25% Off Nexus 7 and More!



High On Android Deals is a new weekly segment where we round up all the hottest deals in Android for the week! Deals won’t make this list unless they are MUST BUY! This includes FREE stuff and heavily discounted stuff! This week is actually one of the best weeks in Android deals, and we have 4 must see deals to discuss.

The first deal, and probably the best bang for your buck overall has to be the new promotion that Motorola is rolling out alongside their Moto X Pure Edition. I have always encouraged buying phones off contract so that you are in control of not only your monthly payments (since you aren’t stuck in a contract), but you can also mod your phone at will, and hop onto a new carrier whenever you desire. This deal from Motorola is just one more reason to buy your phone off contract. When you purchase a Moto X Pure Edition, you get a free Moto E! This is a $119 value. The Moto E is a smoking hot device and is perfect for any teenager or any non power user! The only downside here is that the deal is only good for the 3G version so if you insist on LTE then you may want to pass up this offer. This promo is good until March 24th so if it is for you then act now. (See the Deal)

The next deal is essentially a huge perk for anyone looking to buy a Nexus 6, Nexus 9, or any Android Wear Smart Watch from the PlayStore. Google will give you $50 of free play credits. This is a win-win for everyone involved. You get to check out some free apps, movies, and music, while Google gets you locked into their eco-system. Google does this kind of offer pretty frequently.   Last time, they offered this during Black Friday, and I also received $25 in Google Play credit when I purchased my OG Nexus 7 couple years back. Nothing beats free software when you get a brand new phone! This offer expires on March 31st. (See the Deal)

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