HTC One M9 Available From April 10 in US


It seems April 10 is turning out to be a big day for Android phones in the US.  HTC USA President Jason Mackenzie just announced via the Q&A portion of HTC announcement that the M9 will be available starting on April 10 in the US, the same day as the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.  This is bit confusing since HTC said originally at MWC that the One M9 would be available in late March, last time I checked April 10 is not in late March, anyone? Mackenzie tried to smooth over the answer by saying that they have great distribution partners and the phone should be “widely available on this date.”

Mackenzie also stated that the new “Uh-Oh” Protection would cover new M8 purchases as well, but only starting with the launch of the M9 on April 10.  The HTC executive is still answering questions on HTC’s Youtube live stream so be sure to tune in.  We will update this post with any further interesting developments that come from the Q&A.  Are you disappointed about this delayed release date for the M9?  Let us know in the comments!

Update:  Uh-oh protection will also cover phones that have been modded/rooted, greats news for everyone HIGH on Android!

Update 2: Mackenzie says that the One M9 will not give you third degree burns when you buy it!  Referring to the 810 issue.

Update 3: You don’t need to trade in your M9 to get the $100 off purchase of the next HTC One.  This should have been obvious since it would be a terrible deal otherwise, still good news though.

Update 4: There will NOT be a Google Play Edition for the One M9, sad news for many Android purists.

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Jeff Springer

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