LG G4 May Not be Metal, Perhaps the G4 Note Will? (Rumor)


Now that the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge have been unveiled to the Android masses we turn our attention to LG and their eventual G4 flagship announcement.  It was reported earlier this month that LG would be constructing the new G4 out of “premium materials”, taking a path similar to Samsung going from the S5 to the S6. A few new reports have surfaced claiming that the G4 will not be made out of metal because the company cannot get the premium material version of the phone ready in time for launch.  We expect to see the LG G4 announced sometime in next two months, for a release sometime in June or July (the G3 was released in the middle of July). If the G4 does not feature a metal frame this may keep them from competing at a high level with Samsung in the second half of 2015.  Personally I will still be interested in the G4 if it is plastic, although I will be a bit less excited.  The G3 had a fantastic camera, and the overall quality of LG’s software experience was improved last year.

The same reports that claim the G4 will not feature metal hint that the rumored G4 Note will be the first LG device to feature premium materials, and that it should release later this year. It seems to me that a G4 Note, ignoring the blatant ripoff in name from Samsung, would be an amazing phone.  If LG can combine the impressive camera from the G3 (hopefully improved) with a stylus similar to the S-pen, they will certainly have a winner on their hands. It would be wise of LG to release a “note-like” device before Samsung gears up for the Note 5 sometime in November at IFA.  What do you all think about the possibility of the G4 remaining plastic?  Would still buy a G4 in that case?  Are you interested in the so-called “G4 note” later this year?  Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Jeff Springer

"I am currently a researcher and Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University. I fell in love with Android with the Nexus One release and realized that it was superior to iOS in all the ways I care about. I still use a Mac (and an iPhone for the camera), but my Apple tech products pale in comparison to my number of Android devices (watches, tablets, and phones). When I’m not rooting/modding one of my many Android phones or doing math/programming, you can find me taking in Phoenix Suns/Arizona Diamondbacks games in downtown Phoenix, and drinking good beer!"

2 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    If they make both a g4 and g4 more..
    Likely would go to the more..
    For seems to reason would be a better smart phone as well as better for Marketing.
    ( I’m an I’m line marketer )

    • ffastffrank says:

      Driver for me & the bride last 20 months has been the Note 3. Love being able to take quick notes and quickly converting them to text or contacts. A real time saver. Our next devices must have pen input capability.