Oppo’s Next Phone has (Almost) No Bezels on the Sides!


Oppo’s next phone has been leaked, which the leaked video shows it having almost no bezels on the side. ¬†Oppo’s patent was also leaked showing its new technology that allows them to produce a true edge-to-edge display without the added costs nor changing manufacturing process.

This new patent involves a method to use light refraction to give the illusion of having no bezels. From the video, this seems to work fairly well although we can clearly notice some screen distortion near the edges. This is a similar technology uses on the Sharp AQUOS Crystal, but we assume Oppo will be able to deliver to the masses at the fraction of the price.

As for the software itself, the mysterious new Oppo smartphone is running a Color OS ROM and if you want to take a closer look at what it looks like in detail, check out the video below:

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via Engadget, GSMArena

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