Amazon Seeks To Become The King Of Cloud With Unlimited Cloud Storage To Rival DropBox, Google, And Microsoft



The need for cloud storage in our daily lives is becoming more and more apparent. As the cameras in our phones continue to increase in quality our file sizes become much larger. 1080p has been the norm for quite a while, but it is quickly being replaced with 4k. An 8 minute video clip in 1080p can often be as large as 1GB, and the 4k version of the same clip can easily eclipse 6GB! As our file sizes grow our hardrives seemingly decrease in size. The 1TB drive that was ungodly and huge 2 years ago is becoming absolutely necessary.

Phones of course are no longer shipping with external SDcard slots these days meaning you are pretty much stuck with whatever storage space you purchased on your device. Anyone who has ever purchased a 16GB phone knows that kind of storage space runs out incredibly fast! Once it runs out you are inundated with constant messages informing you that your device has run out of storage and that you need to begin erasing files. Once your memory runs out you will also begin to notice that your phone will run slowly and LAGGG!

One way to remedy this problem is to use one of the many cloud storage options. In the early day of cloud storage many companies sprung up offering a limited amount of storage for free. Some of them would even give you an allowance for more space when you referred your friends. This is the way that DropBox grew its user base. I have a dropbox box account which is full and useless to me. Of course I could pay a monthly fee and free up some more space, or I could just go on a mass deletion spree cleaning out the whole drive. Instead I decided to try out other Cloud storage services, so now my files are spread amongst the top cloud storage sites. This can also be a pain!

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