LG G4 or G4 Note Leaked?

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A user at the XDA Developer forums has posted four pictures of what is allegedly the LG G4 Note, according to them anyway.  The phone looks similar to the G3 in many ways, the power button is still on the back, and the phone has the same overall form factor.  The speaker and flash positioning also seem to be retained from last year’s flagship. The power button itself appears to have changed shape to resemble an ellipse more than a circle.  The camera sensor also has undergone a small cosmetic change to look more rectangular. From the picture it is difficult to tell if the rear cover is made of metal or just a metal-colored plastic cover similar to the G3. The most intriguing thing about these pictures is the apparent placement of a new sensor on the top left, or could that be a stylus?  If it is indeed a stylus this device could actually be the rumored G4 Note.

The software looks very similar to LG’s current take on Android, but with Lollipop of course.  The theme and colors of the OS very much resemble the approach we saw on the G3, it will be interesting to see if that changes before launch.  What do you think of this alleged leak?  Are there enough physical changes here to entice you, or did LG pull an HTC by not changing the form factor drastically enough?  Let us know what you make of these pics below!

via XDA

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