Galaxy S6 Edge Survives Most Violent Drop Test Ever!

Last night a video was posted to youtube showing the Galaxy S6 being dropped, or should I say thrown down to test its durability. These types of tests are pretty common, but for the most part the tests are done in a manner to mimic real world situations. Most drop tests are not at all scientific. A youtuber will hold the phone at different heights and simply drop the phone onto some sort of hard surface (ie pavement, concrete, brick, tile ect.). Some videos are even pretty elaborate with machines and contraptions that are designed to “drop” the phone at a certain speed and rate to be more fair.

The video above comes just before customers begin to receive the device. Before too long the internet will be flooded with drop tests, water tests, and other various tests of destruction, however I doubt if any of the videos will show this intensity of violence during the drop.

The Lady in the video throws the Galaxy S6 Edge at the floor with force and you can hear a very loud bang as the phone hits the floor. She then picks up the device and repeats the process several times, before revealing that the phone is undamaged with no cracks or scuffs whatsoever. The video is incredibly low res and fuzzy but you can tell by the way the light reflects off the glass that there are no defects in the glass. The phone works perfectly fine as she swipes through the screens.

The ground appeared to be concrete although the quality of the video makes it hard to tell. I suppose it could be carpet and they could have added the “bang sound”, but its more likely that this is the real deal. It is also unclear whether or not there is some sort of screen protector with the video’s quality being so low. If this is the real deal then it should be a relief for those of you who are super clumsy.

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