LG G4 to Run Snapdragon 808? (Rumor)

We’re getting to the point where LG flagship rumors are an almost daily occurrence, at the very least a weekly one for the past two weeks. Specifications for a device with model number LG-F500 (the G3 was model number LG-F400 in Korea) have appeared in the benchmark database for GFXBench. The phone in question is running Android 5.1, the newest version of Lollipop, alongside some interesting specs, particularly in the processor department.

Screenshot 2015-03-30 13.31.41

The processor shown in the benchmarking suite is the Snapdragon 808. This is interesting because the 808 uses 6 cores (2 lower power and 4 high power) compared to the Snapdragon 810’s 8 cores (with 6 of those being high-powered). The 808 also runs an Adreno 418 GPU, instead of the Adreno 430 GPU in the Snapdragon 810. The Adreno 418 is similar to the Adreno 420 used for the Snapdragon 805. It is curious that LG would choose to go with the 808 instead of 810 for their flagship device, could this lend some evidence to the fact that the 810 is actually overheating? We saw several reports of the HTC One M9 overheating, and then reports that the phone was throttling performance to prevent this from occurring.  It could be that LG just wants to improve battery life by using the 808 in place of the 810 for the G4.

The benchmarks also show  2.8GB of RAM detected, most likely implying there will be 3 GB on board, 23GB of storage of available storage, and a 2560×1440 Quad HD screen resolution. While the screen size is reported as 5.5 inches (the same size as the screen on the G3), this is not always accurately reported by benchmarking apps. The cameras are reported as 15.9 MP on the back, and 8 MP on the front. The specs sound very nice overall, with the camera upgrades being particularly appealing.  The G3 already has a fantastic camera, any improvements on top of that would likely make for an impressive shooter. We expect to see LG announce the G4 sometime soon, perhaps as soon as late April. What do you guys want to see inside the G4? Any improvements you really want over the G3?

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