One Plus 2 To Include High-Tech Biometric Scanner



Biometrics and body tech is quickly becoming the new thing from Smart Watches to Headsets our smart devices are beginning to rely on our bodies. A few years ago Nexus devices integrated an easily trickable face unlock feature which you could actually just place a picture of your friends face in front of their phone’s camera while on the face unlock screen to unlock their device. LOLZ!

Biometric security has come a long way since then. Last year the Galaxy S5 sported a fingerprint scanner in the home button. It was kind of half baked though and set up was kind of long and annoying. The fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S6 is very much improved. Once setup is complete you can simply place your thumb on the home button to unlock your screen. This updated scanner is also pretty much instant!

The OnePlus 2 is looking to improve on this type of high-tech biometric scanning. It will feature “laser focus fingerprint scanning”. Their scanner will also be incorporated in the home button, and will be surrounded by two capacitive buttons. Other than this feature we don’t really expect to much else to change from the OnePlus One. The OnePlus 2 is rumored feature the same basic design as the first iteration of the device with a few hardware spec bumps. Launch dates have not been announced yet, but this device should be released in the summer or later, however we should see the announcement sometime next month!

Via GizmoChina

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