Do Not Trust The Violent Galaxy S6 Drop Test Video!

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It should go without saying that Glass is Glass and when glass drops glass breaks. Drop test of are unscientific experiments to see how well a given Android phone will hold up in what would normally be considered everyday situations. Yesterday a video went viral showing a lady throwing her Galaxy S6 at the concrete floor with all of her might. She did this over and over again, and then showed the camera that the glass had not been damaged in anyway. This video may have not been altered in any way. It is possible that the video is totally legit, but it is not likely that these would be the same results you would get if you tried to replicate the video.

The Galaxy S6 is outfitted with the latest innovation in durable glass from corning. Gorilla Glass 4 has been designed to specifically defend cracks that occur when your glass drops onto rough and uneven surfaces. This really is the most durable Gorilla Glass yet, but it is not unbreakable! There have already been a number of youtube drop test videos that validate this point. In the TechRax video the glass actually held up during the side corner drop test, the back glass shattered during the first back glass drop test, and of course the front glass shattered during the front glass drop test.

Even Corning has stated that their Gorilla Glass 4 only survives 80% of the time. They go on to say that Gorilla Glass 4 is only up to 2 times better than the competitor’s Aluminosilicate glass. This means that even during lab test 2 out of every 10 Gorilla Glass 4 screens broke when being dropped from 1 meter by a machine.

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