Android April Fool’s Jokes Abound

The April Fools’ jokes started early this year, with several Android-related companies posting some great pranks and gags throughout the day. And this was before April 1st officially began. In this post I’ll run down some of the more impressive and hilarious Android April Fools’ posts so far.


The good people at the Google Chrome Blog unveiled the ChromeSelfie. Now you can let your friends know how you feel about an article by taking a selfie right from Chrome. This is the best way to prove that a picture is really worth a thousand words!


Smartbox by Inbox

Not to be outdone by the Chrome Blog, the Gmail Blog gave us Smartbox by Inbox. This is one of my personal favorites, and the video is hilarious. Now you can take your physical mail with you, and its smarter! I can’t wait until I can get a physical mailbox with Android baked in!


Google Panda

Over at Google Japan they announced an amazing new addition to the Search framework at Google: Google Panda. Google says that it is “So brilliant, you can ask it anything, but so cute, you’ll want to hug it!”


Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge: Chef’s Edition

This one might be my favorite. Samsung has taken their edge concept from the phone, to the culinary world. Now you can get Samsung’s unique edge technology in your kitchen cutlery. It has an impressive Diamond Edge Blade, and a built-in thermometer stylus!


OnePlus Drone DR-1

A rumor began a few days ago that OnePlus would soon announce a drone. Many, including myself, were very skeptical with April Fools’ day rapidly approaching. Today OnePlus confirmed those suspicions by providing an elaborate product page with the April Fools’ joke at the end. However, unlike most of these pranks, you can actually buy a OnePlus drone, with a remote, for $19.99 while supplies last. I ordered one and I will post a unboxing when it arrives.

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