The Galaxy S6 Edge Bends Under Extreme Pressure, Go Figure!

Square trade has released a “bendgate” style video pitting the all new galaxy s6 edge against other flagship devices like the htc one m9, and iPhone 6 plus. In this test they seek to prove that the s6 edge is just as fragile as the iPhone 6 plus. Of course this is all in an effort to make you want to buy their device protection. Square trade is a phone insurance company who offers a discounted device protection service if you were unaware. Some have said this video is fake, but it looks pretty convincing. Of course any phone will bend if enough pressure is applied.

First up in the video the Iphone bends super easy like a tin can. Everyone knows that Iphones are made of super cheap metals which bend with little to no pressure. The Iphone 6 Plus bends at only 110lbs of pressure. They go ahead and apply more pressure shattering the glass and making the phone unusable.

The next device that was tested on their “Bendgate Machine” didn’t do to much better. The HTC One M9 actually bends in the center at 120lbs of pressure. The glass separates from the unibody, and the power button which is in the middle of the right hand side of the phone is rendered useless.

The last device tested was the Galaxy S6 Edge. It too bended at 110lbs of pressure. It seemed to have the most issue with the actual edge on either side of the device. The edge screen shatters without too much force.

These results are incredibly unscientific. Bent phones are really the exception. It would be pretty difficult to bend any of these 3 devices with just normal everyday use. You can chalk this video up as a scare tactic to sell device protection plans.

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