High On Android Deals! Nexus 9, Nexus 6, and Moto 360 Discounts!


High On Android Deals is a weeklyish series where we round up some of the greatest deals in Android for the week! Deals won’t make this list unless they are MUST BUY! This will include FREE and heavily discounted stuff! Keep that extra cash from burning a hole in your pocket by checking back here for our weekly deals posts! This week its all about Nexus and Stock Android things!

First up is the Nexus 6. With all of the flagships releasing this week the Nexus 6 is an easy device to overlook, however overlooking it would be a mistake. It has been out now for several months, but this is still the go to device for anyone who is “HIGH ON ANDROID!”. The Nexus 6 is easy to bootloader unlock, and as such can be easily rooted with custom recovery install. It is also one of the most popular devices when it comes to Rom development because of its developer friendliness. You can now get a pretty nice discount on this device through Amazon. The 32GB unlocked Blue version for only $584.93 which ends up saving you $66! You could definitely grab a couple of really nice cases for what you save.

Nexus 6 Deal

Next up is another popular Nexus device. The most recent tablet from Google, the Nexus 9, can now be had for less than $350! Reviews for this device were mixed. The one and only drawback for most reviewers was the 4:3 aspect ration, which turns out to make all activity on the device other than movie watching much more enjoyable! This tablet is a work horse with an Nvidia Tegra K1 2.3 Ghz processor, 2GB of ram, and 16GB of flash storage! It can be yours for only $324.99 with FREE shipping! This is a $75 savings.

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