AT&T Appears To Be Shipping Galaxy S6 Pre-Orders Early Too!


T-mobile was first to the party shipping their Galaxy S6 preorders out pretty much instantly. I have had mine now for nearly a week! Sprint was second. They announced earlier today that their pre-orders would be shipping Monday April 6, and now it appears that AT&T will go ahead and join the party. There is a reddit post that is claiming AT&T customers have received an email notification letting them know that their new phones are on the way.

This leaves Verizon as being the last major carrier to not have their pre-orders shipped, but this is no surprise coming from Verizon. They have always been late to the party. Everyone knows that being a few minutes late every so often can be ok, and can even be “fashionable”. This is where the term “fashionably late” comes from. When you are late to every party by an hour or more though you just look like a lazy, anti social bum.

The story here isn’t really Verizon’s affinity for tardiness however, its a story of gratitude to the rest of the carriers who put their customer base first when it comes to the release of flagship devices! With AT&T units shipping now customers could receive their phones as early as 3 days prior to the release date of April 10. I guess we can just sit back and see what Verizon does. I figure its their move next.

Via Reddit

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