Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge Pre-Orders Arriving A Few Days Early After All!


We have doled out the Verizon hate as of late when it comes to them being last man in line to release the new Galaxy S6 lineup. We have to eat our crow now as it would appear some of the pre-orders did indeed arrive a few days early. That’s ok we won’t stuff ourselves on crow, because Verizon is still late to the party! It is still nice to get your phone before the official release. In the past I have personally received pre-ordered phones on Verizon a day or two early so this really comes as no huge surprise to me. I wasn’t entirely confident that they would get these phones out in time, and actually opted to just grab mine in store on April 10.

A guy on XDA was bragging earlier today about how he had received his preorder early. When the doubters asked him to provide proof he posted the images above. It looks like we are going to have to deal with that ugly Verizon Tramp stamp again! At least its only on the back of the device, and is not found on the front as well!

Either he is one of a lucky few, or he could be some sort of employee. Then again this could be photoshopped, but i doubt it. It does seem pretty legit. Is everyone else receiving your pre-orders?




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