High On Android Deals Moto 360 Deals! Save Up to $110



High On Android Deals is a weeklyish series where we round up some of the greatest deals in Android for the week! Deals won’t make this list unless they are MUST BUY! This will include FREE and heavily discounted stuff! Keep that extra cash from burning a hole in your pocket by checking back here for our weekly deals posts! This week is all about the Moto 360! Motorola must be on the verge of announcing their next big watch because there seems to be a push to get rid of old inventory right now! This is the perfect chance to get your feet wet with Android Wear without breaking the bank!

The Moto 360 has to be one of the best Android Wear devices around. It is certainly the sharpest looking in my opinion. It was the watch that focused on style while the other smart watches just looked to be functional. If you prefer leather to metal you can grab a Moto 360 of your own for only $179. That is a huge reduction from the original price of $250. This makes Android Wear pretty attainable! For $179 you have your choice between Black and Stone leather. Either is a great look!

Black Leather Moto 360 $179, Stone Leather Moto 360 $179

The leather banded 360’s won’t be your only option though if you are looking for a great deal. The Dark Metal and Light Metal versions are also on super sale. This in my opinion would be the watch to get. You will have to spend an extra $50 as these watches are on sale for $219, but that is still a major drop off from the original price of $299.

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