LG G4 Looking Sexy in Full Frontal Leaks!

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We’ve certainly seen a number of LG G4 leaks in the past few weeks, but this evening it appears the phone has been shown off in full. The pictures come via a microsite supposedly linked to LG that was uncovered and pointed out by popular leak extraordinaire Evan Blass, also known by his twitter handle @evleaks. The microsite specifically mentions a 5.5″ Quantum display, which aligns with terminology used in the press release for display technology unveiled by LG a few weeks back. If you recall, that same press release mentioned that the new display technology, with an improved color gamut, would be appearing in a forthcoming LG flagship smartphone. One suspicious item on the leaked site is the claimed camera resolution of 13 MP, LG’s already outed the camera as having a 16 MP sensor with f/1.8 aperture. Adding to our suspicion of this leak is the fact that the phone is supposedly running Android 4.4.2…uh…no. Certainly the G4 will run some version of Lollipop, with a number of 5.x for x=0 or 1.


The pictures once again show off a nice brown leather back on the phone, looking like a classy version of the leather backs introduced by Motorola for the Moto X (2014). There are also a few differently textured back covers shown off in the photos I grabbed from the site. The listed colors are metallic black, silk white, shine gold, burgundy red and moon violet. At this point we recommend being a bit wary of this leak, even if it is from a respected and often accurate source in @evleaks. LG will unveil the G4 on April 28.

Note: It appears that during the course of me starting this article the site has been taken down, so that also adds to the speculation. I was able to grab some of the pictures from the site before it was taken offline, please enjoy the gallery and let us know what you think of the G4 in the comments!

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