Team Win Recovery Project Is Finally Here For The Galaxy S6 TWRP Download

This is the beauty of owning a T-mobile device! I have been using Verizon Wireless for many years now, and I have to say I have become pretty annoyed that they lock up each and every device. For a while these Verizon phones were pretty easy to root, and developers made pretty quick work of unlocking their bootloaders. Over time Verizon decided to batten down the hatches on every phone they released, and by now Samsung devices like the S6 have become impossible to root. The Note 4 is still without root.

My Galaxy S6 on T-mobile on the other hand was rooted the first day that I purchased it. With unlocked bootloaders development is super easy. TWRP just released their custom recovery for the Galaxy S6. Flashing it is incredibly easy since we already have root. All you need is the recovery image and the flashify app from the play store. Check out my guide in the video above.

Download TWRP

Download Flashify

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