Verizon Includes All Accessories in S6/S6 Edge Box, Even Headphones!

Before Verizon’s official launch of the S6/S6 Edge there was a lot of speculation over whether or not they would include all the accessories Samsung put in the box. Last October with the Galaxy Note 4, Verizon opted to remove the free headphones that Samsung included in the packaging. With the Note 4 launch, all other US carriers left the headphones in tact for their customers, it seemed odd that Verizon would go out of their way to remove headphones.

After this experience with my Note 4 in the fall, I was concerned that Verizon might once again remove the headphones from our packaging for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Upon getting my Verizon S6 Edge I was pleasantly surprised to find the contents are exactly the same in the Verizon packaging as in my T-Mobile box for the regular S6!  Not only did Verizon not rob us of headphones, they didn’t take away our sim tool or charging cable, so kind indeed!

By all accounts the S6 and S6 Edge are breaking sales records for Samsung on opening weekend at most carriers, including Verizon. Have you picked up one of these phones yet? If you are still on the fence, want to see the lovely Verizon logo on the back of my S6 Edge,  or just want to check out the beautiful official Samsung Wireless Charger, check out my video below. If you like the video, feel free to subscribe to my channel!

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