Galaxy S6 Edge Urban Armor Gear Maverick and Ash Cases Reviewed!


I have always been a huge fan of Urban Armor Gear cases! When UAG reached out to me about reviewing their cases for the new flagship phones from Samsung and HTC I was pretty happy to say the least. Overall I love the design elements that give these cases an industrial look! We can start off the design discussion by talking about the rivets. This is pretty much the trademark of UAG cases along with that Silver UAG Embossed logo! There is a bee hive pattern embossed in the inside of both the Maverick (Transparent) and Ash (Dark Transparent) cases that looks pretty stinking sweet. The Edge of the phone is covered in black plastic that is grooved for extra support which is awesome on a device this thin and slippery. Button covers rest perfectly over the power button and volume rocker which add a clicky feel when pressing. You know when your fingers hit the buttons, and this is a good thing!

The feel of this case in particular is like none other that I have felt before and I really like it! It is truely a pleasurable experience to hold the Edge inside this case, and that mostly due to the dip on the backside between the outer edge of the device, and the raised center. It makes this phone super easy to grip! That along with the grippy edges make this one of the best feeling cases in hand that I have ever experienced.

UAG advertises that their cases are “Military Drop Tested”. While this may be so I won’t be testing this theory although Max might get super doped up on Android one evening and do this for us! I can say that I have dropped other phones with a UAG case accidentally and they easily survived. The case is super rigid, and doesn’t have much flex to it at all. The rubber inside edges make this case impact resistant, but without all the bulk of say an otterbox or a lifecase. This case is also ridiculously light. The camera cutout is glare resistant so you won’t get that halo effect you tend to get from cheap cases.

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