Find Lost Or Stolen Phone By Typing “Find My Phone” In Google Search



We have all been there and when you arrived you thought your world was falling apart. It is no fun to lose your gateway to the world. Your smartphone is generally your window to society and when you misplace it you feel like you have misplaced a part of yourself. Android Device Manager has been the go to way to locate a misplaced phone, but google has just built the same functionality of ADC directly into Google Search. Simply type “Find My Phone” in the Google Search Bar and it will find your phone.

After reading about this earlier today I had to give it a try. When you type Find My Phone a map appears. Inside the map you will see a button that says “sign in again for security purposes”. That will direct you to sign in to your Google account. Make sure you use whichever account you are signed into on your phone. After Google searches for a moment it will pinpoint the location of your phone. This pinpoint is accurate within 67 feet. If you click on the dot you get options to Ring, Lock, or Erase your phone.

Locking your phone is exactly what you will want to do if you feel like your phone may have been stolen. This will lock your device and create a new password keeping the would be theif from factory reseting your password, at least from within the settings menu. I have tried the ring feature and it works well for me!

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