What I’d Like To See From A Nokia Reboot!


The first phone I ever owned was a Nokia! Back then Nokia was the king of the cell phone world. Their focus on build quality and reception were hard to beat by anyone. My first cell phone was a standard phone and the smartest thing about it was the ability to play the “worm” game. At that time my cell phone was used strictly for calls. Plenty has changed since then, and Nokia has become increasingly irrelevant in the smart phone wold.

Today news broke that Nokia may very well be returning to the phone market with an all new device as early as next year. Nokia is restricted from making cell phones until Q4 2016 thanks the a Microsoft acquisition. They did however make an Android tablet which mimicked the style of the Ipad Mini. The return of Nokia will probably come in the form of a partnership with some phone manufacturer who will license the use of the Nokia name.

If Nokia does return with a phone next year here is what I would like to see from the device. First and foremost I would love to see this device run Android. The N1 tablet was a success from Nokia and it ran Android. Being that Nokia is owned by Microsoft you would think that Windows would be the obvious choice, but Microsoft has already moved away from using Nokia on their Lumia flagship lineup. They will be using Nokia for feature phones, but this would be an excellent time to have an awesome AOSP experience on a Nokia device.

Durability is another must from the next Nokia device. Build quality and durability have always been a huge part of what Nokia does. When the first Nokia Lumia devices were released they beat just about all other flagship devices in drop test. Phonebuff even threw one up as high in the air as he could, and it still didn’t break. Nokia devices have always been tanks, and this needs to continue.

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