Google Could Begin Rolling Out It’s Wireless Network As Early As Tomorrow

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The rumors abound about the upcoming Google wireless network. The latest rumor is that Google could rollout their wireless service as early as tomorrow! The report comes from the Wall Street Journal who states the network may roll out on April 22nd. The most popular rumors surrounding the Google wireless network have said that it will work on T-mobile and Sprint networks only. The signal will apparently switch between the two carriers depending on who has the best signal. This could really work out. I have spotty service from T-Mobile, and Sprint has pretty much lost all presence in my town except for what is sold in BestBuy. Being able to use both carrier signals could make for a decent network in my area.

The network is said to be compatible with the Nexus 6 in the beginning, and may be available for other devices later. The Google wireless service is said to allow the consumer to pay for only the data that they use each month. No more packages just pay for what you use, how much easier could it be? There is also speculation that calls can be routed through wifi which would save you even more money on your monthly bill. This network is not necessarily being created to compete with current networks, but rather is being created to encourage change in the mobile landscape.

Hopefully this will be what we need to finally move towards more of a European mobile atmosphere where we pay for our own devices, use them as we like, and carry them to whichever network gives us the best deal! What do you think will you be giving this new network a try?

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