LG G4 Leaks Everywhere! A Concise Summary is here!

LG Posts New Teaser for the G4 QHD: Bring On April 28th!

In one short week LG will take the stage to unveil the LG G4 to the awaiting smartphone world. Only three short weeks after receiving invites to the April 28 event, we now know pretty much everything about the LG G4. As leaks continued to roll in, we made new posts to alert you as quickly as possible, but sometimes you want all that information goodness in one place. Below we take a look at everything we now know (and a few things we don’t know) about the LG G4.


  1.  Back Design: The G4 will have a leather back cover option. Numerous pictures uncovered by @evleaks from the LG micro-site show off a phone with a leather back cover. LG even went as far to announce on their Facebook that the leather back is vegetable-tanned leather. We’re not sure if the vegetable-tanned makes a huge difference to you, but leather backs definitely look nice on a phone (see the Moto X(2014)). In addition to the leather option there appear to be three distinct plastic back options to choose from.  You can remove the back cover, so that means a removable battery and expandable storage again. These are some possible advantages for LG over Samsung.
  2. Front and Display: The design around front resembles the G3 a lot. Aside from what appears to be a subtle curve to the front of the glass, the G4 looks similar to the G3 from the front. That certainly isn’t a bad thing as the G3 had a small bezel with QHD goodness everywhere. We know that LG has improved QHD panels for the G4, the color gamut and brightness is much improved from the panels on the G3. LG also says the brightness has been increased without sacrificing battery life, this would be impressive if true. It appears the G4 is a bit thicker than the G3, from the micro-site dimension leaks anyway. This is probably the least believable spec we saw leak from the microsite.
  3. Battery and Charging: There’s not much information on the LG G4’s battery contained on the leaked microsite, we do know the size however: a 3,000mAh removable battery, along with wireless charging support, likely through the Qi charging standard. The accessories page of the microsite showed the G4 being used with the company’s existing Qi chargers. Although there hasn’t been a mention of quick charging, we can probably be sure it will be included.
  4. CameraCamera spec leaks have been plentiful when it comes to the LG G4. We have confirmed a 16 MP camera with f/1.8 aperture and a lens that will let in 80% more light than the G3. We know that the G3 had a fantastic camera, so all these improvements might help the G4 rival the amazing shooter on the Galaxy S6 series. LG is also including a pro mode for users that want more advanced photography features, including:
    1. On-screen histogram and white balance reading
    2. RAW + JPG shooting mode
    3. Manual focus slider
    4. Manual EV, ISO and shutter speed controls
    5. Auto-exposure lock button
    6. Slow synch flash mode for using the flash with longer exposures — useful for capturing background detail in night shots
  5. Internal Hardware: We know that the G4 will feature 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of onboard storage, but we don’t know much about the processor. We are predicting a Snapdragon 808, so that the battery life will not be affected as much by the power hungry Snapdragon 810. We also know that expanding storage will be possible, due to a leak of the phone with the back cover removed. You can see a microSD slot on the back of the phone near the SIM slot.
  6. Software: The LG G4 will feature UX 4.0, a similar software experience to the software on the G3, but with some key improvements. An official teaser video shows off features including a redesigned Smart Bulletin panel with extra cards, including TV remote capabilities, a music widget and health tracking features. UX 4.0 also brings a material design refresh, keeping with the Lollipop guidelines, obviously the phone will come running some version of Android 5.0.

That pretty much wraps up what we know about the upcoming LG G4. We know that LG is going to have a new Quickcircle case, and the upcoming LG Watch Urbane available in select markets. Check out a gallery of some leaked photos below. Also check out how you can try out a G4 before anyone else. We’re getting super pumped for next Tuesday here at HOA, anyone else getting excited?

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