LG Releases Two New Teaser Videos for the G4 + Max is going to NYC!


LG is in full hype mode right now, releasing teaser videos left and right for their new G4 smartphone. LG hasn’t even taken the stage yet for their April 28 event, and we know almost everything there is to know about this phone. We already brought you a full roundup of what we know about the G4 so far, but today LG released a few new leaks giving a closer look at the leather back on the G4, and the improved software experience in UX 4.0.

The first video is very short, as you can see above. At only 15 seconds of runtime it doesn’t give many new details, but shows a close-up look of the vegetable tanned leather we already knew was coming to the G4. In my opinion, the leather back on the G4 looks even more premium than the ones used by Motorola on the 2014 version of the Moto X. We see some quick stitching work done in the video and then the slogan LG is using to promote the G4, “See the great, feel the great.” It seems that LG is trying to distinguish themselves with the leather backs, and also make sure people don’t give them HTCesque hate for not redesigning the phone.

The second video is quite a bit longer, at just over 2 minutes it highlights some of the new features included in the UX 4.0 software on the G4. One of the features highlighted is the ability to double tap the back button to take a quick picture. This is not a new feature, Samsung implemented it on the Galaxy S6 series earlier this year, but it is very useful nonetheless. In addition to the double-tap feature, you also have a new interval lapse mode to take multiple selfies within a time interval. You can begin the selfie party with a simple gesture of your hand. Lastly, the video highlights that you can now use ringtone ID to hear who is calling you, instead of needing to pull our your phone in inconvenient places like the gym. Overall the features seem like good improvements to a software experience that was already fairly smooth on the LG G3.

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