Galaxy S5 Security Flaw Allows Hackers To Grab Your Fingerprint!



Today a pretty hefty security flaw was discovered on the S5 that allows hackers to grab your fingerprint! So this is the cost of the advancement of technology. I have to say that after using the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S6 the fingerprint scanner on the S5 is garbage. Of course I never was able to get the S5 fingerprint scanner to work well enough for it to be an efficient way to unlock my screen. When I realized that I pretty much turned it off on the S5 and never used it again.

If you are using the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner you will want to be cautious. The hack is pretty simple. The hacker only needs access to your phone long enough to install the their malware on your device. The malware is able to collect data from the fingerprint scanner, the hack can then bypass the trusted zone where fingerprint information is stored.

However, Yulong Zhang and Tao Wei found it was possible to grab identification data before it is locked away in the secure area. This method of stealing data was available on all phones running version 5.0 or older versions of Android provided the attacker got high level access to a phone.

They also found that on Samsung Galaxy S5 phones, attackers did not need this deep access to a phone. Instead, they said, just getting access to the gadget’s memory could reveal finger scan data.

Using this information an attacker could make a fake lock screen that makes victims believe they are swiping to unlock a phone when they are actually authorizing a payment.

In addition, they found, it was possible for attackers to upload their own fingerprints as devices did not keep good records of how many prints were being used on each device.

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