The Leather Back on the LG G4 Takes FOREVER to Create!


LG is back at it this morning, posting more teasers for their G4 smartphone to be unveiled on April 28. We already know that the G4 will feature a leather back option, we even know the leather is of the fancy vegetable-tanned variety. Today LG gave us some more details on the exact materials used and told us the time it takes to produce the leather for these back covers. Apparently, the process to manufacture the leather back cover on the G4 takes 12 weeks!

LG also let us know the creation time for G4 back is more than 10 times that of the competition, thats how you know its good, of course. LG also comments they use only the highest quality cow leather, with a pore size of only 0.001 micrometer. I’m not really an expert in pore sizes of cow leather, but I think LG is trying to tell us that the leather is really awesome! If you want to read some more about the G4 or watch some teaser videos, feel free to check out my comprehensive guide to what we know about the LG G4. Our own Max Lee will be live in New York on April 28 to bring us the unveiling we’ve all been waiting for!

From LG’s press release:

“G4 leather back cover takes a manufacturing process of a total of 12 weeks. Quality to make the final product from the supply of good leather back cover, competition among the core process takes time even more than 10 times the normal rear cover of the production period (4 days). LG Electronics has added a lot of handmade work here. Working directly for sewing leather stitching, and a coating material so that the rim all unravel need a lot of hand by hand, such as paint.”

Source: LG

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