Top Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Features!

So I have to start off by saying there are no features other than design of the Galaxy S6 Edge that make it stand out over the S6. Don’t buy the S6 Edge for the features, buy it for the dual edge display which just looks heck a sweet! Not only does it look sweet, it also feels sweet! It is a different look and feel than any other device you have ever used and that is a good thing. That being said here is my list of top features in no particular order.

1. Quick Camera Access:

We have all been there, a moment happens and passes before you can ever access the camera on your phone. The quick camera access is the fastest I’ve ever opened a camera app on a phone period. Simply double press the home button from any screen, even the lockscreen (even when the device is asleep!), to open up the camera. Once the camera app is open shutter speed is instant. I have found with the S6 that I have truely missed less moments. The camera is just that fast. Not to mention just about every photo I have taken with the phone has been clean and crisp, colors have been saturated, exposure has been great, and these photos just look awesome.

2. Fingerprint Scanner:

This is not a new feature in the Galaxy lineup its just a much improved feature. The Galaxy S5 had the fingerprint scanner, but it was pretty much unusable. I turned it on when I first got the S5, tried it out, and found it to be so difficult to use that i just turned it off. I was skeptical as to how well the S6 fingerprint scanner would work, and to my surprise it works incredibly well. Once programmed it works for me the first time nearly 95% of the time. It is easier and quicker for me than using a PIN, and now I can actually have my device locked!

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