Galaxy S6 Edge Design Flaw Causes Auto Rotation To Stop Working



For the past several days there have been reports all over the web that the auto rotate feature has stopped working all of the sudden. It is pretty odd that a feature would work just fine one day and then the next day it would just stop working. Samsung researched the issue and has found the culprit. As it turns out the fast charge feature is causing the phone to overheat. The overheating damages a part of the circuit board. The accelerometer is what is taking the damage. Of course the accelerometer is what controls the auto rotate. S

Samsung is strongly encouraging that Galaxy Edge users stop using the Fast Charge feature until they are able to release an update to resolve this. The Fast charge feature has been one of the most useful features since the Edge battery is only 2550mah. I have been able to get about 3 hours of screen on time out of my charge, and about 15 hours or so during the day. This means I am running out of battery before the day is completely over. If I want to go out during the evening I just throw my Edge on the fast charger giving me plenty of juice to get through the day. To avoid damaging the accelerometer this feature will no longer be useful.

Samsung has also confirmed that the issue is not present on the normal Galaxy S6. The good news is that this issue was caught early and a fix should arrive soon. If this has damaged your Edge you should be able to easily exchange yours at the store of purchase.

Via GS6

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4 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Sprint wouldn’t exchange mine because I was at day 17 when I took it in for exchange… Had to send it to Samsung to fix under warranty and I am currently without my EDGE. (Made spring credit me half my bill since I wont have my phone for half a month and they refused to exchange it).

  2. Yasmin says:

    Going to try the fast charging off. Anyone found this as a fix?

  3. Jaeme says:

    I called Samsung direct early on and was told to send my phone to them or exchange it at the local store. Local store pretty much refused to exchange my phone since I preordered online. They told me that Samsung was aware of the issue (Samsung denied during the first week) and to be patient while they released an update. How do you update an issue that fried something in my phone? But I waited another 2 weeks and now I’ve been informed that they cannot replace my phone for a new one since I’m out of the 14 day window. WTF. Last time I ever jump on the preorder wagon! Thanks. I love my sideways and upside down videos.

  4. Dustin says:

    This problem is no longer limited to the S6 Edge. It’s happening on my regular S6 phone as well. I’ve had the thing over a month and it just started doing it a couple hours ago. It worked this morning when I took the phone off the charger. It worked when I took my 10am smoke break. Now, at lunch, not having been connected to a charger for 5hours, it’s not auto-rotating anything.