LG Says Steve Jobs Would Love the Leather on the G4!


An inside source close to LG gave the following statement to the Korean media earlier today:

If Steve Jobs were alive today, even he would have liked the G4.

Definitely a pretty brash claim, given how much Steve Jobs disliked Android. Apparently LG is incredibly confident in the sex appeal of their new smartphone, due to be unveiled tomorrow at 11 AM EDT/8 AM PDT. The leather back on the G4 is vegetable-tanned and it takes 12 weeks to treat and produce. LG boasted the texture of the leather back makes the phone easier to grip:

Users will be able to get a better grip of the hand-stitched leather back, which, unlike other materials, will become softer and show a unique sheen over time.

The camera on the G4 is also expected to feature some impressive new upgrades, LG’s camera supplier Innotek recently compared the quality of the f/1.8 aperture on the G4 to that of a DSLR:

DSLR cameras with the aperture setting at around F1.4 to F2.8 are considered as high-end products.

The G4 is expected to also include significant improvements to the display technology as well as feature the new LG UX 4.0 software at launch. We recently put together a list of everything we know about the G4, including several leaked pictures from the micro-site uncovered by @evleaks a few weeks ago. Keep it locked here at HOA for all the LG G4 news during tomorrow’s announcement and our thoughts on the device after everything is revealed!

Source: Korean Herald

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