Some Thoughts on the LG G4: Part 1


Today we saw LG announce the G4 to the awaiting tech media at a worldwide simultaneous event. Max summarized some of the main highlights earlier today in his article on the event itself. Now that we’ve had a few hours to take it in and process the specs, Shane and I are going to give our own personal thoughts on the announcement. We’re both aiming to answer the question, is this phone HOA approved? Since I’m up first, lets get right to it…

My thoughts on the G4 in no particular order:

  1. The subtle curve on the G4 seems much better than the pronounced one on the GFlex 2. I’ve never been a big fan of the GFlex series, and with the complaints about this year’s model I’m glad I didn’t pick one up. The G4 features a less pronounced curve that seems like it will help you grip the phone without necessarily looking out of place and unnecessary.
  2. Quantum Display looks awesome. I watched a few comparison videos today during my free time at the office, and the G4 display actually looks better than the S6 in certain instances. That is certainly saying ALOT, considering how good the S6 display really is. This 5.5″ 2560×1440 display should impress and I am definitely looking forward to it.
  3. The camera might be better than the S6. With the f/1.8 aperture we should get great low light shots, and it may be even faster than the S6’s lightning quick camera. The camera also incorporates a “color spectrum sensor” that should give true-life white balance. The G4 also features a quick launch feature that LG claims takes only 0.6 seconds. Only time will tell how this stacks up to the amazing GS6 camera, but it definitely has the potential to compete.
  4. Removable battery and expandable storage = WIN. LG has differentiated themselves from HTC and Samsung in one key way, they left in the removable battery. This is going to appeal to a lot of people, including me. I have an extra battery for my G3, and it was definitely handy when traveling. Add to the removable battery the ability to expand storage and you have an important distinguishing factor that LG can hang their hat on.
  5. How will the Snapdragon 808 compare to the 810 and Samsung’s Exynos chip? This question is perhaps the most interesting thing about the G4 that we don’t know. It will take some time with the phone before we can say if the real-world usage will compare to phones like the M9 and S6.
  6. UX 4.0 doesn’t look much different than last year’s version. The new software on the G4 has a few minor material design tweaks, but overall I’m not that impressed with the upgrades they’ve made. I didn’t have a problem with LG’s Android skin before, so this isn’t an issue for me, but if you didn’t like the software on the G3 it will be much of the same this year.
  7. That LEATHER THO! The leather looks really nice on the G4, and the stitching down the back looks classy to me, even if some think it looks out of place. I am a bit concerned that Verizon mentions on their website that they are carrying the plastic back versions, I really want the leather back on my G4.


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