LG Recruiting 200 UK Residents to Test G4, it could be You!


LG is looking for 200 UK residents to test the G4 before it is released to the public. Of the 200 UK residents selected, 44 of them will get to keep their G4. Presumably the 44 was chosen since this is the G4 and not just a random coincidence. The window to enter the contest runs from May 1 until May 13, with LG picking the winner on May 15.

If you are selected LG requires that you fill out regular surveys throughout the trial period to give them feedback on the experience using the G4. If you are not one of the 44 selected to keep the phone after the trial, you can either send the phone back to LG, or purchase the phone at subsidized price that LG does not specify. Winners will get 6 weeks to test drive the device before indicating their preference of returning or keeping the G4 on the end survey. LG does require you give them a £250 guarantee to cover any incidental charges if you lose or break the phone.


In my opinion it seems lame that LG is requiring 156 of the “winners” to send the phone back after the trial period. Not only are these people giving LG vital feedback during this time, they are also undoubtedly promoting the phone by using it out in public, building more hype and branding for LG. Of course, I’d still relish the opportunity to try the G4 early, so if you are in the UK hit the link below to sign up! We will have lots more coverage of the G4, including lots of hands on from Max as he unboxes and uses his review unit!  Stay tuned to HOA for the latest G4 news!

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Jeff Springer

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3 Responses

  1. Philip Lettley says:

    Sorry the main complaint on the Facebook post is having to give bank details to a 3rd party website. Also as far as I can find out, no other country requires this. Stinks of a scam

  2. Mickey Dillard says:

    When is LG going to let USA residents do some G4 testing.I’ve Posted,replied,begged and pleaded to be a tester.I would make a good candidate since I had the G2 and am now a happy owner of the G3.

    • I received an email invite from LG to sign up for the G4 test group in the US. I signed up immediately. It’s a long shot that I will be chosen, but if it does happen, I get a FREE G4 and I think it will be fun to put the device to the test! Crossing my fingers!!