PSA: Stop Pointlessly Destroying Tech on Youtube (Opinion)


I’ve been into tech for a long time now, as far as I can remember actually. Every 1-2 years there is always an annoying fad in this business-as with any hobby. Lately, one of the most annoying fads in the Tech Youtube space is the idea of making outrageous destruction videos with no appeal or benefit to the viewer other than shock value. Now I realize that these videos get a lot of views and normally earn the creator a substantial amount of money, but that doesn’t make it entertaining, useful, or helpful to anyone. When I started my Youtube channel recently, it was because I wanted to share my passion for tech and hopefully help people out buy reviewing products they were interested in buying. Perhaps that is why the pointless destruction videos annoy me so much. I could easily have bought 2 Apple Watch models and shot one with a high caliber bullet, and launched the other in projectile motion via a potato launcher, but why?


This trend of destroying tech for shock value on Youtube isn’t new, but it has found a renewed presence after the infamous Unbox Therapy bend test of the iPhone 6+ late last year. I’m personally a big fan of Lew, and his channel, but there  is a huge difference between his stress test videos and some of the destruction videos I’ve seen since then. Making a video of a drop test, bend test, or some other normal wear and tear test is a reasonable thing to do, even if it is pretty obvious what will happen when you drop a metal or glass phone on concrete! The reason these are reasonable is because someone might actually encounter these issues if they purchase the phone, so the video is helpful. On the other hand, you’re not likely to put your smartwatch in a blender, drop your phone in liquid nitrogen, or shoot either of them with a high caliber bullet. Sadly, those are all real videos I’ve seen promoted by media in the past few weeks, either performed on the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Overall, I hope tech Youtubers keep making great content that people can enjoy and benefit from, instead of videos that waste everyone’s time. The only way to stop this from happening is to stop giving these shock videos so many views, if you see someone promoting a video like this, don’t support them with views.  Just say NO to pointless destruction, and continue staying HIGH on Android everyday!

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Jeff Springer

"I am currently a researcher and Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University. I fell in love with Android with the Nexus One release and realized that it was superior to iOS in all the ways I care about. I still use a Mac (and an iPhone for the camera), but my Apple tech products pale in comparison to my number of Android devices (watches, tablets, and phones). When I’m not rooting/modding one of my many Android phones or doing math/programming, you can find me taking in Phoenix Suns/Arizona Diamondbacks games in downtown Phoenix, and drinking good beer!"

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  1. DroidModderX says:

    id actually like to see the potato launcher video. lol