CyanogenMod 12.1 Brings Android 5.1.1 To Many Devices!

Google has recently updated a small handful of of Nexus device to Android 5.1.1. This update mainly included some bug fixes and performance enhancements. All of the big changes were included in the 5.1 build. Most devices have not even received the update to 5.1 much less 5.1.1, but you can run the latest and greatest version of Android thanks to Cyanogen Mod who is already rolling out CM12.1 nightlies to many devices. 

One cool feature is the ability to dirty flash updates! Dirty flashing is flashing one rom over another without wiping your data. The term dirty flashing comes from the days when taking such an action could result in a bootloop! This is no longer a problem with CM12.1 and is now the normal way of updating your rom. Root is disabled by default but can be reenabled easily in the developer options menu. You can also control your root settings on a per app basis with the Privacy guard app. Trebuchet now features a vertical layout mode for your app drawer which can be toggled on to provide you with quicker access to all of your apps.

Other features include a revamped setting menu making it easier to find customization options without cluttering things up, LiveDisplay is the new go to for color calibration, ambient display has been added with double tap to wake and lift to wake capabilities, and more. With the beginning of CM12.1 nightlies a Stable build of CM12 is also on the way. Grab CM12.1 from the link below.



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