Alleged Nexus by Huawei Specs Leak


A report released today by G for Games claims to have information on the next Nexus device, reportedly being manufactured by Huawei. Citing a source with quality connections in the Chinese market, the article claims the next Nexus will have a 5.7″ QHD screen and run with a Snapdragon 810 on board. The 5.7″ screen would be a step down from the larger screen on the Nexus 6, and would bring the Nexus into perfect alignment with the current king of phablets, the Galaxy Note 4.  Those specs don’t offer a ton of information, and it seems a bit unlikely to me that the 2015 Nexus phone will run a Snapdragon 810. It would probably make a lot of people happy to have a smaller 5.7″ screen size, so that might be a more reasonable possibility. I would personally enjoy the 5.7″ screen as I find my Note 4 to be significantly easier to hold and pocket than my Nexus 6. If Huawei and Google could get some slim bezels we could have a big phone that doesn’t feel too big, which would be a big winner in my book.

One thing to note about the QHD claim, Huawei’s CEO made some negative comments about QHD being a glorified fad earlier this year. It seems awfully unlikely that Huawei would reverse course on this stance, unless Google is making all the behind the scenes decisions and insists the Nexus have a QHD display.

At this point we don’t even have concrete evidence that Huawei will make the Nexus this fall, some other reports have suggested that perhaps LG will manufacture the phone. Either way, it will be interesting to see how many complaints about the size of the Nexus 6 Google considers when choosing the size for the next phone. I would personally like to see Huawei get a crack at it, since LG already had a go, but I am definitely interested in this phone regardless of manufacturer. Anyone else want to see a Huawei manufactured Nexus device?

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Jeff Springer

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