Ping Pong Root For The Galaxy S6 Roots All Variants Even Verizon!

Of course when I saw this earlier today I was a bit skeptical and for good reason. The Galaxy Note 4 has gone more than 6 months without root. What would make me believe that after just a few weeks root has been achieved on the Verizon Galaxy S6. The Ping Pong root tool is an application that you install on your device much like the old towelroot. Once you open the app there is a button that simply says “Get Root” once clicked the rooting process begins. After a few seconds the app will inform you that your phone is now rooted and then instruct you to reboot your phone. Upon rebooting you will find a new app in your app drawer called Kinguser. When you open this app you will see all apps that use root listed, you can click on those to enable admin privileges.

For now this root will not install SuperSU, but if you are familiar with adb commands you will be able to install SuperSu and use that as your permissions app for this root. The method has been verified to work on all variants of the S6 including Verizon! It will also work on various firmware versions. A list has been compiled at the original thread. The Keen Team is also actively working on a way to get this working on all Galaxy S6 Edge variants.

My thought process here is, “If they were able to get this working on the Galaxy S6 then why not the Note 4?” Hopefully they can use the same exploits from the Galaxy S6 on the Note 4. I can’t imagine the older device would be less secure than the newer. We should know within the next few days whether or not this will be reality. My fingers are definitely crossed!

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  1. droidninja says:

    my device has been rooted for over 10 days private message me for details