Three Model Numbers for Motorola Phones on Verizon Reportedly Leaked


This past weekend an anonymous post on Reddit claimed to uncover three new Motorola model numbers, for phones coming to Verizon Wireless. The model numbers suggested are XT1578XT1585, and XT192A. Unfortunately, the Reddit post was incredibly vague and didn’t give any details on how he came about the information, only that he obtained it from an “analytics system.” Considering that is exactly what I’d say if I made up some leaks, I’m taking this with a grain of salt at the moment. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem too likely that someone looking to grab attention for Android leaks would pick Verizon specific Motorola phones to lie about.

The information supposedly shows that each phone is running Android 5.1+ with QHD display. The resolutions of these displays are either 2368×1440 or 2392×1440. Obviously those aren’t the numbers we’re used to seeing for QHD, but the app gathering the information probably doesn’t account for on-screen buttons or some other issue affecting a small bit of the resolution. Should we trust these alleged leaks at all? Well, we can compare the model numbers to recent Motorola phones on Verizon to get an idea:

  • XT1028 – MOTO G 1ST GEN
  • XT1060 – MOTO X 1ST GEN
  • XT1096 – MOTO X 2ND GEN
  • XT1103 – NEXUS 6
  • XT1254 – DROID TURBO
  • XT1528 – MOTO E LTE

You can see that the only one similar to the current leaks is the most recent, the lower end Moto E LTE. It seems strange to me that Motorola would change their flagship model numbers to be so close to the lower end of their device lineup. At this point we should probably just keep a close watch to see if any of these model numbers pop up in other leaks or benchmark apps, I wouldn’t put any more stock in it than that, at this point. I’m hoping we start seeing some legitimate Moto X 3rd generation leaks soon, but it is still a bit too soon for that I think. What is everyone else hoping for/expecting from the 3rd generation Moto X?

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