Galaxy S6 Active Leaked In Online Photos! Featuring AT&T Branding, and GS6 Specs



The Galaxy S6 is an incredible phone in it’s own right. In fact the Galaxy S6 Edge has been one of my favorite phones ever, with the nearly perfect fingerprint scanner and best in class camera you can hardly go wrong with this device. It seems that things get even better though. Samsung is getting ready to release the the Active version of the Galaxy S6. The Active series has been the rougher tougher more rugged cousin of the Samsung Flagship lineup designed for.. well… Active users. These phones are normally designed to be completely water proof and drop resistant.

Earlier today some photos leaked out which confirm the existence of a Galaxy S6 Active. According to the source this phone will include both dust and water resistance. This is pretty awesome especially considering that the standard Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge versions do not include water resistance which is a feature that I totally loved on the Galaxy S5. In fact I would often rinse my S5 of in the sink which would of course freak out my friends! The Active will also include a rugged case with the Active series physical buttons, and a rear mounted speaker. The plastic ruggedized home button eliminates the finger print scanner on the Galaxy S6 Active which is a feature that I use every day, and now can’t live with out so that is a bummer. The silver lining here is that the Active should come with an enormous 3500mah battery which will give you nearly twice the battery life of the Galaxy S6.

The leaked specs are not all that shocking. They pretty much emulate the specs from the OG Galaxy S6. The S6 Active will be rocking the Exynos processor, 5.1″ QHD Super Amoled display, 16mp rear facing camera and 5mp front facing camera. The leak shows AT&T branding which is also no surprise since AT&T has also carried previous versions of the Active series. There is no word so far on whether or not to expect this device on other carriers, and nothing on pricing, but you should expect to pay about what you pay for the standard S6 and not as much as what you paid for the S6 Edge.

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