Flagship Linup For Late 2015!


The feeling of pulling a brand new phone out of a box and peeling off the plastic film is unmatched! With all of the flagships released this spring making a decision on just one is a pretty hard task. Most of the flagships other than the Galaxy S6 pretty much make only minor adjustments from last years versions. The HTC One M9 set out to improve on the M8 and overall failed miserably. The LG G4 also set out to perfect last years models, and their improvements have been an overwhelming success. The S6 and S6 Edge in my opinion are the standout devices when it comes to improving over last years models since they are drastically changed and improved with a whole new premium design, along with the perfecting of already awesome features like the fingerprint scanner and camera.

If you were not able to grab one of the latest and greatest flagship phones this spring no worries, there are still plenty of exciting phones set to release later this year. There are even some very surprising phones coming out that may well be worth waiting for even if you had made a decision on a current phone. Below is the list of up coming phones for late 2015.

  • Oppo Find 9
  • Xiaomi Mi5
  • Sony Xperia Z5
  • One Plus Two
  • Moto X (3rd Gen)
  • Motorola Droid lineup (to feature QHD displays)
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy S6 Active
  • Google LG Nexus 5 (next-gen)
  • Google Huawei Nexus 6 (next-gen)
  • Microsoft Lumia 940 and 940 XL

Which device or devices are you looking forward to? Which devices surprise you the most? Sound off in the comments below!


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1 Response

  1. Robert says:

    Still holding on to my Note 3 because they didn’t move the speakers to the front of the 4. Now Samdung appears to be hellbent on the crApplization of their phones, so odds are I’ve purchased my last phone from Sammy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an HTC MaxV2 or Nexus 6 V2 (Sony seems to have abandoned phablets).