LG Giving Several Free Gifts with G4 Purchase


According to sources at Droid Life, we should see several free gifts offered with the purchase of the LG G4. Apparently, the current information indicates this will only apply to US buyers, but of course this could always change. The promotion should apply to anyone purchasing the G4 on any US carrier, so at least it is not a carrier exclusive deal. According to the source:

LG should be gifting a free replacement battery, extra wall charger, and 32GB microSD card when you signup through a dedicated promo website.

The promotion is slated to run from May 22 to June 21, so that gives us some indication of the when the G4 should launch in the US. It is pretty safe to assume the G4 should hit most major US carriers by early June, allowing their customers to take advantage of this deal. We still don’t have exact date information or pricing from US carriers, but the recent T-Mobile and Sprint G4 giveaways revealed that the base model G4 will cost $600 off-contract. I was already planning to purchase a G4 (if they don’t send me a review unit, hint, hint LG!) so I will gladly enjoy my extra gifts if I end up buying the phone come June. These gifts seem a bit better than what Samsung offered this time, what does everyone else think?

via: Droid-Life


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2 Responses

  1. Jeremy says:

    I love LG, however LG3 has been getting weird in software or andriod os. It lags a lot, hope the G4 works lot better

    • Mickey D says:

      I also have noticed some weird hiccups.But I believe it is due to lollipop.I never had any slow downs or hiccups on kit Kat.