NVIDIA Shield 500GB Pro Android TV Appears On Amazon!


One of the best deals for Android TV that has yet to be released just showed its face on Amazon. The page is gone now, but prior to its removal it showed off the upcoming 500GB NVIDIA Shield Pro. This device seeks to put Android TV on the map. Over the years I have tried to get Android on my TV with several devices. My first smart box device was the Logitech Revue which at the time was actually pretty awesome. It was rocking honeycomb and had built in web channels. Of course it could also run netflix and youtube which ended up being all that I used this device for.

After the Revue I decided to try a device with more Android integration. The ProBox2 Ex is an Android device which has HDMI out. It has its own Android overlay, but will run every app that an Android phone or tablet will run. I found that I was able to run hulu, netflix, and apps like the CBS app and the NBC app. I was even able to run apps like ShowBox for shows like Arrow, and Flash. So far this has really been my favorite smart box experience.

I’ve also had the Chromecast which allows you to throw videos from your phone onto the big screen. I have found this most useful for things like Netflix, Youtube, and Google Play Movies. Still this is not a stand alone device so you can’t run every app on it, and you actually have to rely on your phone to send it content.

The NVIDIA Shield is a stand alone device and brings much more to the table then just video. This doubles as a full fledged gaming console! It will even bring us a cloud based unlimited gaming platform! This is what most excites me about the NVIDIA Shield. Today all specs were leaked on an Amazon page which makes it seem as though NVIDIA is prepping to launch this device any day now! There is a slight chance that someone was trolling NVIDIA but if so they did a pretty good job with press quality photos included in the listing. This lines up with what NVIDIA initially announced about the device releasing at the end of May! The Shield should set you back $199 while the Shield Pro will be a much better bargain at $299 with included 500GB storage.

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