Is the Verizon LG G4 Coming on June 4?


The above image (from Verizon’s own G4 landing page) has the online Android community excited that Verizon may launch their variant of the LG G4 on June 4. If you look very closely you will see that the date listed on the phone in the press photo is Thursday June 4. Verizon is well-known to launch their flagship handsets on a Thursday, and the G4 is supposed to launch in the first week of June. All of these things seem to provide support to the June 4 theory.

On the other hand, Verizon is also well-known to release their flagship phones quite a bit later than the other major US carriers. In addition to this, Verizon loves to give you hope, just to take it away, so theres that too. I really want to believe Verizon is going to get the G4 out on June 4, but I think it is more likely they start taking preorders that day or something else other than actually selling the damn phone.

At this point it seems pretty likely that T-Mobile will launch their variant of the G4 before any other carrier, but other than that we don’t have much information about US release dates. At least Verizon managed to put only one logo on the G4, they really butchered the G3 last year with a front-facing logo. Who else is planning to get a G4 on Verizon when they finally launch it?

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