Nvidia Shield 500GB Pro Model Android TV Is Real!



Confirmed today by a Customer Care Rep on the Nvidia forums, the Nvidia Shield will really launch with a 500GB Pro model! Last month we saw this model posted to the Nvidia website priced at $300. Nvidia quickly pulled down the listing stating that it was published by mistake, and was actually only meant to be a developer SKU. We also saw the Pro Model listed on Amazon for a few quick moments with a price tag of $299. That listing was either a mistake or a straight up hoax, that was not addressed by the customer care rep.

The 500GB Pro model of the Nvidia Shield Android TV will be available for everyday consumers, and not just developers. It will launch alongside the 16GB version which will run $199. If the Pro version actually does launch for $300 it would almost be dumb to not jump on that version. You can store lots of music, videos, and photos on a 500GB hard drive. Of course the 16GB model will be able to do plenty as Android TV is really designed to be more of a cloud based content delivery system.

In fact Nvidia is launching a Netflix style all you can eat cloud based gaming service which would allow you to play a list of games for a monthly fee. This is actually the part that I am most excited about. While this will not require you to have an enormous hard drive, the 500GB hard drive would be nice for those times when you are without internet and still want to game. If you have a local copy stored you can carry your Shield with you and game whether or not you have internet. I am excited to see whether or not this device takes off. Who all is going for the 500GB version?

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