Nvidia Shield TV Available NOW!



The Nvidia Shield was announced a few months back. I rarely get to watch press events, but this Nvidia press event happened to be during prime time so I was actually not at work and was able to watch it. I was pretty thrilled with the Shield TV to say the least. The Nvidia Shield TV is Android TV the way it should be. Not only does it offer the ability to stream movies and shows, but is also a full fledged Android video game console. They even announced a cloud based game streaming service. The Game streaming service is actually a subscription based “all you can eat for one price” service which made me the most excited.

I can envision a future where gaming is accessible to all. While these games are mostly ports and won’t be say Xbox One quality, they are still fully playable games some of them even being actual console versions ported over to Android. The games will also work natively with the Nvidia controller which is awesome, because nothing is worse than playing an Android game with a wonky 3rd party bluetooth controller that has to be programmed and isn’t necessarily built into the game.

I am really excited to get my hands on this device. You can grab the 16GB version right now for only $199 with free shipping. There is also an option to pay for shipping. It can be on your doorstep as soon as June 1st! The Pro version should be available for purchase in the coming days.

Grab The Nvidia Shield TV here! Ships Now!

Preorder Nvidia Shield TV Pro 500GB here! Ships June 12th

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