OnePlus Not Announcing New Devices at June 1 Media Event


OnePlus sent out media invites a few days ago to a June 1 event where they plan to, “shake up the tech industry” according to their Twitter account. I mentioned in my previous article on the topic that I didn’t expect a OnePlus 2 announcement at the June 1 event. Thanks to a nice article by AusDroid this evening, it seems that information is now confirmed. In their article, they quickly run down some information they received in a quick chat with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei while at Google I/O this week. Pei flat-out refuted that there would be any hardware unveiling at the June 1 event, which of course means no OnePlus 2.

Fortunately, AusDroid did get some interesting information out of Pei. The expected OnePlus 2 name was confirmed for the forthcoming flagship, where the number 2 is used instead of the word ‘two’. Pei also mentioned that the OnePlus 2 would once again be very tailored to the custom ROM and device modding community. OnePlus is working on their OxygenOS for western markets, while their HydrogenOS will remain the focus in the Asian markets. It appears OnePlus also feels a lot more confident in their ability to handle demand this time, but still has some anxiety on how high the demand will be:

“Internally we’re super anxious actually about how we’ll do with the OnePlus 2, because when we started this company, we thought this phone would only do 50,000 – 100,000 phones, we ended up doing almost a million phones.”

Pei confirmed again that we will see invites for the OnePlus 2, not surprising, and a bit concerning considering how the company handled the first go around. Luckily the company plans to have more invites available at launch this time:

“So even though we’re going out and rolling out with invites in the beginning, there’s going to be a lot more invites to go around. Which I think the user experience will be a lot better.”

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