Sweet Accessory of the day-WorldPenScan X Portable Scanner


It has been a pretty slow news day today, following the avalanche of announcements coming off the heels of Google I/O 2015. With that being the case, I wanted to write a quick article on one of my favorite gadgets I’ve recently reviewed. PenPower sent me one of their WorldPenScan X portable scanner and translator units a few weeks ago, and I found it to be a lot of fun and also incredibly useful. This gadget may not be the sexiest thing out there, but it can be super useful depending on your field of work. It can also be fun to pull out in public to impress your friends with your technical prowess. Check out my video below on the WorldPenScan X, and check out my full thoughts after the break.

The WorldPenScan X delivers the ability to scan text from a book, magazine, or other printed material into your iOS or Android smartphone. Once you have the information scanned into your phone you can search for keywords in Google search, share it via Gmail or other media applications, and translate from multiple languages. You can also scan into a PC or Mac computer with the included software.

I don’t do a lot of language translation as a math professor, but I do read a ton of journal articles and take notes that I need to keep track of. The WorldPenScanX is great for keeping track of something important that you read that you need to take action on later, or need to take more notes on. I found this especially useful when using my Galaxy Note 4. I can export a scan from the WorldPenScan X, import into S Note, and add more notes on top of whatever information I scanned. If you work in a business where you need to scan and especially translate from other languages, this is an ideal gadget for you!

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Jeff Springer

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