ViperOneM9 2.0.0 Is The Most Customizable Rom For The HTC ONE M9!



There isn’t a whole lot to get excited about when it comes to the HTC One M9. The camera is ok at best, and the rest of the phone is pretty much slightly better than the M8. If there was one thing to really be excited about when it comes to the M9 it would be developer friendliness. HTC devices are always pretty easy to unlock thanks to HTCdev. One your bootloader is unlocked flashing a custom recovery and roms is pretty simple stuff.

There are still no AOSP roms for the HTC ONE M9, but there are several roms based on stock HTC Sense 7. The most popular rom for the HTC One M9 has to be the ViperOneM9 Rom. The reason that this rom has been so popular is the sheer volume of customization options included with the Rom. The ViperOne rom lets you begin to customize your Rom even during installation. You can pick and chose the apps you want to keep and the apps you’d like to get rid of.

Other features of the ViperOneM9 rom include proper multiuser support (create up to 4 users, add a guest profile, ability to switch between users quickly and easily in the status bar), enhanced quick settings (up to 25 tiles, column sizes and text sizes change based on number of toggles, menu buttons have been replaced with long press to bring more space to the quicksettings page for more toggles), venom theming allows you to make your device your own giving it a color scheme to match your personality, horizontal quick settings and quick launch, sidebar and multifloating windows,  venom navigation bar, gestures and buttons, and more! Grab this rom for your M9 at the link below.

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