Daily Deal: Free Movie Rental For Chromecast and Nexus Player Owners!



Last month Google offered a Free movie rental to anyone with a Chromecast or Google Nexus Player. Of course I took advantage of this and had an awesome time watching “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” with my family. I had never actually rented a movie from the Play Store, and this was a great experience. The Play Store offers first run movies. This was much better than having to run by Blockbuster after work hoping they still had a copy of that movie that just came out, then standing in line to be checked out, just to have to be sure to bring your dvd back within 2 days or deal with the punishment of late fees!

There is Redbox which does offer most of the first run movies, but there again you have to wait in line and hope that the one of two or three copies of that movie you wanted to see are still there. Netflix has been my go to for quite a while. The only problem with Netflix is that they mostly carry all the movies well after they are released to DVD, or the movies that are just bad in general.

My free rental experience with Google Play last month was so seamless and easy that I have paid for two rentals since. I think this is what Google is going for. They are hoping you will be willing to pay the $3-$5 to rent from them after you find out just how awesome and easy renting from them is. No lines, no physical media to return just press a button and relax. Google is bringing back the free movie rental deal. Head to the link below to chose from a special list of movies for rent.

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