How Much Would You Pay For A Google Play Unlimited Movie Streaming Service?


Today a pretty well unfounded rumor began to spread after a screenshot of a google opinions survery was posted to Google+. The image shows a question that was asked to catch liars in the act of lying. The question posed was “Do You Have A Google Monthly Movie Pass?”. There are plenty of folks who answer these surveys the way they think Google wants them to answer so they can get paid. This question was put in there to weed out those users who lie to get paid.

While we know this is probably not really going to happen, speculation began that Google may actually be working on a Netflix like service. If this happens would you pay for the service. What if Google offered a service for second run movies, unlimited streaming for $7 a month. I think I would be more than happy to pay for this type of service. I would really love to see unlimited 2nd tier movies (netflix quality movies) + a number of new release movies (say 3-4 per month) for $20 or less. I think I could make really good use out of a service like this.

Looking further into the future I would love to see a service that would allow me to pay $20-$40 to stream brand new movies that are still in theaters. Having a 2 year old and a 5 year old it can be quite a chore to actually go to the theater and sit through a movie. What kind of movie service from Google would you be willing to pay for?

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