HTC to Launch “Hero Product” in October+M10 Redesign


HTC chairwoman and CEO Cher Wang has apologized to shareholders for the company’s poor performance the past few months according to Taipei Times. The below-average financial quarter is due in large part to the terrible reception of the HTC One M9 in April. At the shareholder meeting yesterday Wang mentioned that the problems stem from poor operational efficiency and overly conservative marketing strategy, i.e. doing almost nothing to your flagship device year over year. The M9 suffered from a number of issues, including detrimental publicity stemming from lack of innovation and overheating due to the Snapdragon 810 processor. While I understand many of the complaints about the M9, especially the camera, this phone is still the only Android phone I have that never experiences UI lag. The majority of HTC’s problems stem from poor a marketing strategy and aggressive innovation from Samsung. The M9 had a tough time because the S6 and S6 Edge were such a radical departure from Samsung’s S5.

Wang promised that HTC is looking to face their issues head on in the coming year. The CEO said the company plans to launch a “hero product” in October, and push the innovation envelope for their flagship next year, presumably the One M10. The article also mentions that HTC will not renew Robert Downey Jr’s contract for advertisements in the US. The chairwoman said she is optimistic about HTC’s outlook, with projects like the Vive virtual reality system a primary focus in the coming months.

I do wonder what “hero product” Wang is referring to here. It could be that the Vive VR headset will be launched in October. On the other hand, it would be more interesting to see a true HTC phablet enter the US. The HTC One Max was big, but it did not have flagship specs, a true HTC phablet would be amazing in my opinion. If HTC doesn’t release a bigger phone this fall, I sincerely hope they consider offering multiple sizes with the M10 next spring. I personally love HTC as a company, and I hope they succeed in bringing an innovative phone to MWC next year. I’ll keep buying your phones HTC, please fix that camera tho.

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Jeff Springer

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